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His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams
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The Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) now has a more integrated and interactive web portal. This new website was virtually launched on Tuesday, in collaboration with the Vocational Training Institute (VTDI) and can be accessed at www.ksamc.gov.jm.

The website design and hosting arrangements were successfully completed by VTDI students free of charge and the KSAMC is expected to continue updating the website which will be one of the main media by which the Corporation disseminates information and communicates with stakeholders and the public.

His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams, expressed sheer pride and content at the quality of work and interest placed by the VTDI students who have worked tirelessly for the realization of this vision.

“The KSAMC has seen the need for greater digital interaction and services online.

The pandemic has created a new normal that we have decided to adapt to in an attempt to be more efficient and responsive.

Likewise, our vision of becoming a destination city mandates that our digital presence gives a true reflection of the City of Kingston and we believe that the VTDI students and staff captured the essence of our capital in the creation of this site,” mayor Williams stated.

The newly designed website is standardized which allows for better collaboration with other local authorities, agencies and ministries. It is highly responsive with practical info/links, quite resourceful 24- hour live chat feature in keeping with the KSAMC’s ongoing thrust of improving service delivery and fillable application forms among other features.

The website also highlights historic sites and landmarks across Kingston and St. Andrew making it a compact, user-friendly resource and marketing hub.

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