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The Irish will be coming to Jamaica in their numbers to support their team during the group stages of the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 and will be bringing with them a famous Irish band, whose identity the Jamaica Local Organizing Committee (LOC) is keeping under tight wraps.
“I was surprised at the energy and interest that they (Irish) have shown about Jamaica and the fact that they have facilitated the provision of an extremely well-known Irish band that will be here from March 9 to 18 and that band will also appear at the opening ceremony,” said Robert Bryan, Executive Director of the LOC.
He noted that so far, close to a thousand supporters from the Irish communities of Belfast and Dublin are booked to stay in Ocho Rios in St. Ann. The number is expected to grow as the tournament nears.
“Their only requirement is that we should ensure that when they are coming into Kingston for the matches, that along the way on the bus, that there is lots of Guinness and plenty music,” a pleased Mr. Bryan told JIS News, noting that the coming of the Irish offered “tremendous amount of growth in that high end market”.
Indeed, plans are in high gear to fete this important group of cricket supporters and on March 17, St. Patrick’s Day, the Jamaica LOC in collaboration with other entities, will stage a major event in downtown Kingston.
“Fireworks and all of that will take place in recognition of ‘JamPatricks’ Day.to demonstrate when Shamrock meets Jamrock,” Mr. Bryan informed. Ireland will also play Pakistan on that day.
In addition, he said, “we have something special planned for the (Bog Walk) Gorge, which will be announced later. We want to make sure that the experience through the Gorge is going to be good for our Irish fans and other visitors”.
The Executive Director also encouraged the civic, business and professional sectors in St. Ann and in particular the Ocho Rios area, to put plans in place to entertain the Irish contingent. Ireland will commence its World Cup campaign on March 16 against Zimbabwe, which will be followed by a match with Pakistan on March 17 and then with the West Indies on March 23.

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