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Dear Prime MinisterThe Government and people of Jamaica were shocked to learn of the horrific series of bomb blasts that have shaken parts of central London and have caused deaths and untold casualties.
These attacks have clearly been undertaken as part of a coordinated campaign of terror. The individuals or group(s) responsible must be found and brought to justice.
On behalf of the Government and people of Jamaica, I express deepest sympathy for the victims of this barbaric and cowardly act.
This has occurred at the very time that world leaders are gathered at Gleneagles, to chart a course to promote world peace and eradicate hunger from the poorest regions of the globe.
We utterly condemn these attacks and stand with the people of the United Kingdom against these vicious assaults that have been mounted against them and indeed the entire civilized world
Yours sincerely
P.J. PattersonPrime Minister

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