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The government of Jamaica has extended its secondary school textbook programme to junior high and all-age institutions.
Communications Director in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture, Dorrett Campbell told JIS News, that the move would take effect for the start of the new school year in September.
“The government has announced that it will absorb 50 per cent of the tuition inclusive of textbooks for all secondary level students and that includes the secondary segment of primary and junior highs and the secondary part of all-age schools. Those were not included in the textbook programme before,” she informed.
Meanwhile, Miss Campbell said that since the government undertook to pay half of the tuition cost, some schools have increased other fees and this has had the net effect of eroding the savings that parents would have realized.
She expressed the hope that the Ministry would be able to work out an arrangement with school administrators, which served the best interest of all stakeholders.
“We do recognize that they [administrators] very often need an additional contribution to be able to run the school effectively and to deal with their operational costs. So, we want to meet with them to work out a solution whereby they are still able to operate their schools efficiently, and the parents still benefit from the government’s reduction of the school fees, so that we get.a win-win situation,” she noted.

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