JIS News

Fifteen communities served by the National Water Commission (NWC) Union/Balaclava water supply system in St. Elizabeth will experience disruption in their regular water supply over the next seven days.
This has resulted from malfunctioning equipment at the water treatment plant serving the area.
Communities to be affected include Balaclava, Phoenix Park, Mount Pleasant, Duck Pond, Roses Valley, Union, Freetown, Content, Comfort Hall, Malborough, Raheen, St. Paul, Oxford, Evergreen and Russell Hill.
Community Relations Officer at the NWC, Karen Brown informed JIS News that the defective unit has been taken out of operation for repairs.
“As a result, some persons will have very low water pressure or in some cases no water at all. Our engineers estimate that there will be full restoration of service by Friday, February 6,” she said.
Miss Brown pointed out that in the interim, the NWC would continue to truck water to affected communities.”Persons in need of information or assistance can contact our offices located in Black River,” she said.

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