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Teenagers who attended a recent one week youth development camp, staged by the Swaby’s Hope New Testament Church of God in Manchester, have hailed it as motivational.
“For me, going to the camp has changed me a lot. The workshop that dealt with dressing and how to relate to others respectfully, I will always remember. And for those who didn’t come this year, don’t miss it next time, because it can make you better a man,” 17 year-old Nalio Stultz told JIS News.
For 18 year-old Kemiesha Wallace, what meant most to her, “was the discussion on dressing, especially for young ladies, and how other persons view you in relation to your mode of dressing. Also, it has boosted my confidence. Overall, the entire sessions were positive and motivational,” she said.

Administrative Planner of a one week youth development camp, Kereann Nelson (left), gives a pep talk to young persons attending the camp in Manchester, on August 21, the final day. The camp was staged by the Swaby’s Hope New Testament Church of God, in the parish.

Secretary of the Swaby’s Hope Citizens’ Association and Community Club, Zeiko Lewis, said that the church has done a wonderful job for the young people. “From the citizens’ association perspective, we would like to see it continue. When young people come together like this, you know that as a community, we are going forward,” Mr. Lewis said.
Meanwhile, Administrative Planner of the event, and wife of the church pastor, Kereann Nelson, informed JIS News that the males were exposed to skills and career options, while the females were given motivational and career talks, and told how to take care of their bodies.
“Our dance teacher taught them creative expressions, and the sign language sessions were good, along with dancing. It was amazing to see the turn out of males. We had skill sessions for them and many talents were exposed. I really hope to expand it to the wider communities next year,” Mrs. Nelson said.
The camp, which attracted over 150 young persons, was held on the sport ground in the community. It dealt with many topics, including personal grooming, and the different careers available.

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