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Immediate Past President of the Jamaica Employers’ Federation (JEF), Wayne Chen, has urged employers to capitalise on appropriate technology and put in place good business management structures to boost productivity.

Mr. Chen was speaking at a recent JIS Think Tank to mark Workers’ Week. His comments come against the background of new measures that Government plans to implement, which are aimed at stimulating the labour market and increasing productivity.

“The use of suitable technology and the management structure in which we put our Jamaican workers must be addressed first if we are to move productivity in a positive direction in this country,” he stated.

He argued that “without a doubt, if Jamaicans are placed in the right environment, with the right structures, we will be world beaters.”

“The challenge for us is, how do we unlock this capacity, this potential, and capability, right here at home in Jamaica, to increase our productivity level,” Mr. Chen said.

He pointed out that there are a number of challenges within the labour market, but noted that the solutions can be found. He said both the private and public sector need to focus on lessons learnt, and work assiduously to create an environment that fosters increased productivity.

Turning his attention to public sector reform, Mr. Chen noted that this provides “one of Jamaica’s greatest opportunities to transform Government in such a way that makes it far more efficient”.

He added that if there is an earnest effort in this regard from the Government, there will be a revolutionary impact on productivity in Jamaica.

Contact: Jeneva Gordon