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Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr. the Hon. Christopher Tufton, has disclosed that a team will be chosen to do a case study on the Cornwall Regional Hospital (CRH) in St. James.

“Cornwall has been a [teachable] moment, to date. Actually, I am getting a team to write up a case study on it, because it is a classic case of how not to treat a hospital infrastructure, and maybe even government infrastructure, and we must learn those lessons,” he outlined.

The Minister was addressing a recent signing of a contract with M and M Jamaica Limited to complete the second-to-last phase of rehabilitation work at the CRH.

Meanwhile, Dr. Tufton thanked the staff of the facility, “who have really done a lot to preserve service provision at the hospital over the last number of years”.

“It’s not easy. I have been in meetings where people literally cry over some of the glaring deficiencies in the process, and despite of all of that, Cornwall has saved many lives and has done yeoman work to carry out and conduct all the services,” the Minister said.

He also thanked the Seventh-day Adventist community for the use of their West Jamaica Conference auditorium, which has housed the CRH’s outpatient clinic since rehabilitation works began at the facility.

“I don’t know what we would do if that building wasn’t there; they serve 500 people per day,” the Minister highlighted.

This phase of the rehabilitation project is being done at a cost of close to $1.7 billion.

The signing ceremony was held at Sandals Inn in St. James and streamed live on the Zoom platform.

M and M Jamaica Ltd. also spearheaded construction of the Emancipation Park in Kingston and, more recently, the Harmony Beach Park in St. James.

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