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Minister with responsibility for Information, Daryl Vaz has indicated that the team of medical personnel dispatched to Haiti on January 16 will not have a negative impact on Jamaica’s health care services.
“This is something that we have taken into consideration. What is going to happen is that they (medical team) are going to go and spend a few days, and then return and do it on a rotating basis. So far, we have taken that into consideration based on our own challenges here with the health care services”, Minister Vaz explained.
He commended the medical team in Haiti for doing an outstanding job under trying circumstances. The Minister was speaking to journalists today (Jan 20) at a Post Cabinet Press Briefing at Jamaica House.
Jamaica’s team of 21 medical personnel led by Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dr. Derrick McDowell, comprises five surgeons, an anaesthetist, public health specialists and medical technicians. They, along with a 9-member team from the Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, were deployed to two medical facilities in Haiti, the Bernard Mews Clinic and the Community Hospital in Freres.

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