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Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Grace McLean, says the incorporation of the teachings of Garveyism in the new civics programme for schools, will foster self-affirmation and social transformation.

"The philosophy of this civics education programme is one of individual and social transformation,” said Mrs. McLean, who was addressing the launch of the programme on August 17 at the Marcus Garvey Technical High School in St. Ann.

According to Mrs. McLean, “there is urgency to address the social and cultural identity deficits that serve as stumbling blocks in the desire of all Jamaican children to honour the greatness they have inherited by achieving greatness themselves”.

She said the civics programme will create self-awareness, awaken social consciousness and social responsibility, and “provide the experimental learning opportunities that will help our young people grow confidently, think critically, enhance their emotional competencies and the nature of their social interactions to produce citizens, who will assume their rightful place in Jamaica, as leaders and nation builders."

Mrs. McLean stated that the life, work and accomplishments of Jamaica’s first National Hero, the Rt. Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, stands as a testimony to the possibilities for rising above any obstacle to accomplish greatness.

“He exemplifies what can be achieved when one is resolute about personal development and nation-building. His life and testament will therefore be honoured in this programme and be used to help our students conceive of themselves, possibility thinkers,” she stated.