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Parents and early childhood education teachers who participated in the 2009/10 parenting education project of the St. Elizabeth-based Nain Resource Centre, were lauded by the Ministry of Education Tuesday (June 22) at the graduation exercise at the St. Stephen’s Anglican Church.
“The value of parenting education is designed to strengthen family and communities. It helps parents to know how their children think, ways to communicate to children; it speaks to emotional development, and I still believe that one person can make a change, you can change something around you,” said Early Childhood Education Supervisor at the Ministry, Sandra Buchanan-Murray.

Early Childhood Education Supervisor at the Ministry of Education, Sandria Buchanan-Murray, addressing parents and early childhood teachers in St. Elizabeth, Tuesday (June 22), at the Stephen’s Anglican Church in the parish.

Manager of the Resource Centre, Rosetta Hanson, told the gathering that the institution had 19 parents and 29 teachers participating in the programme, who had gained new marketable skills.
She urged them not to let the newly acquired knowledge and skills go to waste, but to impart to all, “so that our children will develop into good leaders for the country”.
In her valedictory address a parent, Beverly Swaby, noted that each person who participated in the programme developed special skills which they could use creatively to promote healthy growth and development of their children.
For her part, early childhood teacher, Tiffany Martin, highlighted that through the training programme they were now able to do things for their homes and earn funds from their efforts.
The Ministry of Education runs the parenting education programme in the area, to empower parents and equip early childhood teachers to better prepare their students.

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