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As of Tuesday, October 21, compliant taxpayers will have the option to forego visiting three collection centres and apply for their tax compliant certificate (TCC) via e-mail.

Prior to this arrangement, persons wishing to obtain their TCC would be required to visit four different offices to complete the application process. These were the National Housing Trust (NHT), the National Insurance Scheme (NIS) office, HEART and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). Under the new system however, persons would only need to submit their application to the Inland Revenue Department.

Public Relations Officer at the IRD, Leighton Beckles told JIS News that under the previous system it could take a taxpayer days, if not weeks, to complete the TCC application. However, he noted that with the new “one-stop facility”, compliant taxpayers would be able to e-mail applications to the Inland Revenue Department, “and a TCC would be available for pick up within 24 hours”.

He explained that applicants would be able to e-mail their requests to seven designated TCC sites within the IRD. These are the Kingston, Constant Spring, Spanish Town, Mandeville, May Pen, St. Ann’s Bay and Montego Bay offices. He pointed out that persons could log on to the Tax Administration Department’s website at www.jrs.gov.jm to obtain the specific e-mail address for each site. Additionally, they could download application forms at this site.

The implementation of an e-mail facility is the first of three phases to establish the one-stop facility. The second phase will allow for the submission of applications by fax and the third phase involves the receipt of applications from walk-in customers.Mr. Beckles noted however, that only compliant taxpayers would benefit from this initiative.

Delinquent taxpayers would need to take steps to become up-to-date in their payments at all the relevant agencies. He added that the IRD would cross check each TCC request to ensure that applicants are already compliant in their tax obligations.

The new one-stop facility will replace the old process, which proved onerous and was a hindrance to businesses. According to Mr. Beckles, the facility “is an incentive to those taxpayers that are already compliant” and an incentive for other persons to become compliant. He added that the facility would, “reduce application and processing time, reduce travelling costs and allow persons to submit applications at their own convenience, even after working hours”.

The Public Relations Officer said that the facility was a part of the Regulations, Legislation and Process Improvement Project (Regs and Legs) aimed at creating an environment in which businesses could flourish and thereby, spur economic growth.

It identifies legislation, regulations and processes that impede businesses and develops initiatives to reduce the constraints faced by the private sector.The Regs and Legs project is a collaborative effort of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce, the Government of Jamaica and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through their New Economy Project.

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