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Residents of Linstead should experience less congestion on the streets, with the construction of a taxi stand at Forte Street by the National Works Agency.
Transport and Works Minister, Robert Pickersgill, who broke ground for the facility on Friday (March 24), informed that the project would involve putting in marked parking bays and lay-bys, covered waiting areas with designation signs, sanitary convenience, perimeter fencing and a paved access road complete with adequate drainage. The project is scheduled for completion within 10 weeks.
He pointed out that in arriving at the decision to build the facility, consideration was given to the serious congestion in the town caused by the illegal parking of taxis, the safety of commuters and operators and the lack of proper sanitary convenience.
The Transport and Works Minister also used the occasion to announce that within another three months, he would be back in Linstead to break ground for the construction of transportation centre.
Meanwhile, President of the Linstead Taxi Driver’s Association, Andrew Pinnock, welcomed the development, noting that the taxi stand would be beneficial to commuters and taxi operators.
“Linstead needed a taxi stand you know because as it stands, it is the road they (taxi men) are using right now. In fact, if you check it, how the town is at the moment, a taxi stand would take the cars off the road and that would ease the congestion in the town greatly,” he said.
He noted further that, “where it is planned to go is the best place in the town. it provides easy access to both the commuting public as well as the taxi operators. So we wholeheartedly support the move to build the taxi stand”.

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