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A task force has been set up to identify appropriate initiatives and areas where capabilities need to be strengthened, in order to better protect the nation’s children who are at risk.
“The task force is to report to me with its recommendations by the end of the week,” Prime Minister, Bruce Golding, told the House of Representatives yesterday (Oct. 7) during a statement.
He added that the Government was deeply concerned at the violence to which so many children have become victims.
“Violence against any person is to be condemned. Violence against innocent and defenceless children is an outrage,” Mr. Golding stated.
The Prime Minister convened a meeting on Tuesday (Oct. 7) with the Attorney General, the Ministers of National Security, Health and Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, along with representatives of the Child Development Agency and the Children’s Advocate, to review the state of security of children.
Other issues looked at included the institutional arrangements that are in place to protect children and the ways to respond more effectively when they are in danger.