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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) has rolled out yet another of its convenient service features with the introduction of a Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) Auto-Approval process. The new service feature which is available via the Tax Authority’s Revenue Administration Information System (RAIS), allows TCC applicants to make their applications online and receive automatic approval, in a further step of making doing tax business even easier. The new facility was implemented on September 3, 2021, and has auto-approved approximately 30 new applications to date. Additionally, it is expected to significantly improve voluntary compliance and commerce among the business community.


Taxpayers MUST however meet the following criteria to be eligible for auto-approval, these include:


·        Previous TCC was a Multi-Purpose TCC not issued via the Company Office of Jamaica (COJ).

·        Customer must be compliant both with TAJ and its partner TCC Agencies (NHT, HIS and Heart) as per account status in               RAIS.

·        No overdue Returns or balances in RAIS (except where all balances are a part of an active payment plan)

·        Customer is currently filing an Income Tax Return with an indication that income/receipts are greater than nil ($0.00).


Additionally, customers who qualify for auto-approval will be issued a Gold TCC (1 year duration) where there were no late Returns or payments over the past year. An Open TCC (6-month duration) will be issued to customers who qualify for auto-approval, but who filed or paid late over the last 12 months. TCCs for partnerships will also be auto-approved where the partners on the IT03 are compliant for Income Tax and at least one partner has an indication of trading-related income on their latest S04/S04A. The auto-approval feature is activated once a first-time application is submitted by the taxpayer, and a notice of approval sent by sent by web message via RAIS indicating the class of the TCC.


This service feature directly complements the TCC Auto-Renewal Feature which the Tax Authority introduced earlier this year. It allows taxpayers the convenience of having the TCC as existing taxpayers, automatically renewed, subject to the criteria being met. To date, approximately 1,317 TCC’s have been automatically renewed since its implementation.


Customers are reminded that several transactions may be conducted using TAJ’s tax portal at, these include filing and payment of business-related taxes and fees, online application of GCT registration, payment of Property Tax, Traffic Tickets, Motor Vehicle Certificate of Fitness Fee and Driver’s Licence Renewal Fee. Additionally, customers may make payments via TAJ’s Mobile App, NCB’s Bill Pay, Bank of Nova Scotia’s direct banking facility or via Direct Funds Transfer.


For further information call the Tax Administration Customer Care Centre at 888-Tax-Help (888-829-4357) or visit the website  

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