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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) advises that effective January 1, 2013, the requirement  for persons residing or operating from overseas to have a Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) to transact business with the tax authority in Jamaica will be fully enforced.

This mandatory TRN requirement will impact individuals and companies, particularly persons processing transactions such as land transfers and mortgages through the Stamp Duty and Transfer Tax Section of TAJ, that:

reside/operate overseas

are party to a transaction that is being processed in Jamaica

transact with a revenue department any matter pertaining to taxes

is liable to pay taxes, or to do any acts, matters or things in relation thereto, pursuant to any enactment

Currently, the tax authority has been waiving and will continue to waive this requirement for the period leading up to the end of the calendar year 2012.  However it has become necessary for all persons to have a TRN, due to Jamaica’s international responsibilities and accountability as a signatory to various Double Taxation Treaties, as well as pertinent Financial Acts governing the way we do business.

For individuals applying for a TRN from overseas they should submit a completed and signed “Application for Taxpayer Registration (Individuals) – FORM 1”, which may be downloaded from the website www.jamaicatax.gov.jm. This must be accompanied by a notarized copy of a valid passport or Driver’s Licence, showing the applicant’s full name, date of birth, photograph, signature and expiry date. It should be noted that the signature on the application MUST match the signature on the supporting identification.


In respect of applications for overseas companies, which have no established place of business in Jamaica,an “Application for Taxpayer Registration (Organisation) – FORM 2” should be completed and signed by a director.  The form must be accompanied by:

Registration and/or Charter Documents (issued in country of origin)

ID and TRN for Signatory Officer

Letter from company indicating that it is not operating nor has established a business place in Jamaica

Although a TRN is needed for the Signatory Director, it is not mandatory for all directors living overseas to provide a TRN.  It should be noted however that only originals, copies certified by the appropriate issuing authority or notarized copies of the Registration or Charter Documents are accepted.

For additional information, persons calling from the United States may contact the Tax Administration’s Customer Care Centre at 1-888-GO-JA-TAX (1-888-465-2829), while other persons may contact 1-888-TAX-HELP (1-888-829-4357) or log on to www.jamaicatax.gov.jm.




Meris Haughton (Miss)

Director Communications

Tax Administration Jamaica

Phone: (876) 754-6700 (O); (876) 577-9417 (Mobile)

Fax: (876) 754-9593

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