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Chief Corporate Communications Officer at Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ), Meris Haughton, is encouraging persons to pay the renewal fee for private, general and motorcycle classification of licence online at

As of July 27, an online payment option for the renewal of Driver’s Licence has been added to the suite of virtual services offered by the TAJ.

“We are encouraging persons to take advantage of this option. We are heartened to say that the very first day… that we did this service, 10 per cent of them were done online. So, for that we are very thankful,” Ms. Haughton told JIS News.

“We are trying to move the numbers up, so that we can impact the number of persons who actually come in to make their payment. So, it’s a shorter process when you do it that way, and we are encouraging persons to take advantage of the online option that is now available,” she added.

Ms. Haughton informed that the rollout of its online payment option for driver’s licence renewal is part of the TAJ’s thrust to expand its online services to make it easier for customers to do business as well to have a safer option for persons to access its services.

Persons utilising the online option may make payments using a valid credit card or other bank cards that have credit card features.

For further information, persons can contact the TAJ Customer Care Centre at 888-829-4357 or visit to access the ‘How To’ guide and other related material.

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