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Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) is reporting an encouraging take-up of the recently added online service, whereby taxpayers can now pay the renewal fee for their Driver’s Licence via its website at Since the July 27, 2020 implementation of the online payment option, over 2309 transactions have been recorded in the first six weeks, for Private and General Classes of driver’s licences. This represents 12% of all driver’s licence renewals across the island and is the second most frequently used option, next to payments made at the Kingston Revenue Service Centre.

Taxpayers now have the option and added convenience of making payments online for the renewal of Private, General or Motor Cycle classification of driver’s licence. This can be done using a valid credit card or other payment products with credit card features, such as a Visa debit card.

To begin the process, taxpayers need to visit, login or sign up, select the option to Renew Driver’s Licence and follow the user-friendly instructions.

Customers will be able to print an official receipt from the system once they have made their online payment.

After the payment has been made online, the taxpayer is required to drop off some documentation to a Tax Office to have the actual Driver’s Licence produced. These include:

  • Printed copy of their receipt or writing the receipt number.
  • Completed “Application for Driver’s Licence Transactions” (Form F7) (available online).
  • Passport sized photograph of the applicant (not taken more than 6 months prior).

Customers will not be required to join the regular lines to be served, as special boxes have been provided at the Revenue Service Centres and larger Tax Offices to accommodate drop-offs. Additionally, persons are advised to visit the Tax Office within two weeks of dropping off their documents, as the licence would have been processed and ready for pickup within this time frame.

Motorists are reminded that they will only be allowed a period of 60 days to operate a motor vehicle using the receipt and the current or expired driver’s licence, while the renewal is being processed.

Motorists are urged to use the online option to make their payment for Driver’s Licence renewal as it is convenient and secure and doesn’t require them to wait in line to drop off their documents or when they return to pick up the renewed one. This was the experience shared by Leesha Budair, the first user of the new online payment option,
“Having used TAJ’s online platform before for my property tax and fitness fee payments, I was confident in the security of the system. It was a very seamless process.”

For further information please contact the TAJ Customer Care Centre 888-829-4357 or visit to access the How To guide and other related material.

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