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As the island reels under the effects of a prolonged drought, the Ministry of Water and Housing will host approximately 120 stakeholders from several sectors at a National Symposium on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), at the Jamaica Conference Centre on February 24 and 25.
The symposium will be held under the theme: ‘Planning for Tomorrow’s Water Needs, Today’.
The main objective of the event will be to review the Water Sector Policy within the context of climate change and other social and economic issues and to produce a revised Water Sector Policy document, using Jamaica’s revised Water Resources Master Plan as a platform.
This policy outlines the current situation within the sector, defines the objectives of the Government to address these issues and sets out the mode of implementation. Integrated Water Resources Management refers to the sustainable development, allocation and monitoring of water resource use, based on the interdependence of all users.
Among the goals of the two-day symposium will be the creation of synergy with the other sectors that are dependent on, or impact on water resources. These sectors include agriculture, tourism, energy, housing and infrastructure and the environment.
The first day will see presentations and formal greetings by the various stakeholders, while the second day will be devoted to the technical and working sessions.
Funding for the conference will be provided by the Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI), through the Integrated Watershed and Coastal Areas Management Project/Global Environment Facility (IWCAM/GEF).

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