JIS News

A sustainable development plan for the parish of St. Thomas will be main focus at a public symposium to be held at the Morant Villas Hotel in Morant Bay on Wednesday, March 7.
The forum will also be used to raise the awareness of residents about the plan and explain how it will benefit them.
This symposium is a collaborative effort of the Parish Development Committee (PDC), the St. Thomas Parish Council and the Social Development Commission (SDC).
Manager for Governance in Region One of the SDC, Maurice Roberts, told JIS News that it was very important that the widest possible cross section of persons and groups in the parish contribute to the development plan, so that all the relevant issues could be addressed.
“This workshop is really to sensitize participants about the development plan and have issues to be included in the plan addressed, such as the development of tourism, agriculture and the diversification of agriculture as a means forward, together with issues related to sustainable development in the parish,” he explained. Mr. Roberts stressed that sustainable development issues were very significant for a community’s long term development, including the resources needed, training, identifying the types of skills that will be needed, and deciding how land will be utilized.
“I also think that some of the issues that will come out of the workshop will relate to infrastructural development in the parish, including how the Yallahs bridge will impact on development in the area; the issue of tourism development, which is seen as the way forward; hotel construction; and agricultural development,” he told JIS News.
Mr. Roberts is encouraging all residents in St. Thomas to come out and give their views about the plan.