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A 14-day injunction to prevent further industrial action by Registered Nurses, represented by the Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ), was secured by Minister of Labour and Social Security, the Hon. Pearnel Charles, in the Supreme Court on Wednesday (March 3).
There have been reports since Monday that the Nurses have been involved in a “sick out”, in support of the demand by the NAJ for implementation of the results of a reclassification, based on a ruling of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal. However, other areas of the health sector are also demanding to be included in the exercise.
Mr. Charles has said that any action to disrupt the health services could not be in the national interest, hence his decision to seek this injunction.
“The Nurses are therefore urged to return to work with immediate effect in compliance with the order of the court,” the Minister said.
The Ministry says that the Nurses actions have resulted in severe disruptions in the public hospitals, and has encouraged them to avail themselves of the conciliatory mechanisms by which disputes of the nature can be settled.

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