JIS News

MANDEVILLE — Marketing Consultant at the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), Dr. Derrick Deslandes, says support for the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign is growing, as many persons are turning out at the road shows across the island.

Speaking with JIS News at the May Pen leg of the road show, which was held on April 29, Dr. Deslandes said the project will be taking on another phase where songs and contests will be included in the campaign.

“The campaign is improving, and we are seeing greater interest in what we are doing. We plan to expand on it and we will be building contests around the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign,” he said.

Dr. Deslandes told the gathering that the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign is about building the local farming community. “Every dollar you spend buying a local tomato, a local apple, that dollar goes back into the economy, and the farmer gets it and he goes and buy other products. When you buy an imported product, you are actually feeding another farmer and injuring the Jamaican economy,” he said.

Patrons at the event were encouraged by RADA officials to engage in backyard gardens. They were also given samples of local cuisines by Jamaica Broilers, Trade Winds, Wisynco and GraceKennedy, and giveaways from National Bakery and Island Grill.

The ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign is aimed at increasing local production and encouraging consumers to make healthy choices by choosing local produce foods and fruits.

Over the past three weeks, residents and visitors have supported the ‘Eat Jamaican’ campaign road shows in Mandeville, Manchester; Ocho Rios, St. Ann and Port Antonio, Portland.