JIS News

Stakeholders in Manchester are giving full support to the Sustainable Development Plan that the Parish Development Committee (PDC) recently presented to the Manchester Parish Council.
The Plan seeks to streamline development order in the parish; utilize the rail system to ease traffic in the town centres, tap into water sources for domestic consumption, and create partnerships for new sustainable business ventures.
President of the Manchester Chamber of Commerce, Winston Lawson told JIS News that the document is seeking to address issues relating to development of the parish, and that it will be of great help to incoming investors.
“They have prepared a comprehensive document dealing with and seeking to correct much of the difficulties in the various town centres. One section that will be of great help to investors is that part where they zone the parish, and provide information on the type of businesses that would do well in that particular area. The Plan took some time to complete and the leaders who are largely volunteers need to be commended for giving of their time to produce this map which can help the parish well for years to come,” Mr. Lawson stated.
Chairman of PDC, John Minot said the Plan helps in a major way to deepen a necessary bond between civil society and elected representatives, and that the professionals who wrote it had the confidence of international funding agencies.
“In writing the Plan we had to overcome many challenges, the team of young professionals at the PDC (was) never daunted by them. The funding agencies believed in what we are doing and so they provided the funds to complete the work,” he informed.
He added that, “It is a huge document which addresses a lot of areas that if the recommendations are followed we can have sustainable development in this parish and throughout the country. The general work that we do is facilitating an important link between elected officials and civil society,” Mr. Minot said.
Financing for the Plan came from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), the Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) and the National Housing Trust (NHT). Mayor of Mandeville, Councillor Brenda Ramsay said she was pleased that a process which started in 2001 has now been completed.
“The process started seven years ago, in 2003 a parish profile was done and that set the pace to where we were going. Today, I am most pleased to see the completed Plan, it addresses un-planned development and points to solutions to develop our various communities while considering that we must today, plan for future inhabitants, and I believe that the next generation will call us blessed for this Plan,” Mrs. Ramsay stated.