Supplementary Estimates Tabled In Parliament

Finance and Planning Minister, Dr. Omar Davies yesterday (March 2) tabled the first supplementary estimates in the House of Representatives for the 2003/2004 fiscal year.
The estimates, totalling $17.46 billion has recurrent expenses of $14.43 billion and capital expenditure amounting to $3.02 billion.
Under recurrent expenses in the revised estimates, the Office of the Services Commission is to receive a supplementary $86,347 while $382,535 has been set aside for the Office of the Prime Minister, and the Cabinet Office is to receive $439,007.
As set out in the estimates, the Ministry of Industry and Tourism is to receive $1,809,269; the Ministry of Finance and Planning is to receive $3,747,733 and $1,070,102 has been set aside for the Customs Department. Some $890,000 has been earmarked for the Inland Revenue Department; the Ministry of Justice is to receive $800,468; the Ministry of National Security is to receive $4,183, 295 while $9,111,568 has been set aside for the Police Department.
The estimates (recurrent expenses) further sets aside $75,4470 for the Family Courts; $407,853 for the Resident Magistrate’s courts, $3,818 for the Revenue Court; $292,935 for the Supreme Court; $187,915 for the Attorney General’s Office; $1,178,163 for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; $29, 194, 942 for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture; $10,631,050 for the Ministry of Health; $1,076,665 for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security; $544,725 and $1,237,233 for the Ministry of Agriculture.

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