Sugar Transformation Project gets $71 Million

The Sugar Transformation Project will receive a budgetary allocation of $71 million this fiscal year, as set out in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
The project, which will be implemented this month, will last until June of 2013. It is expected to develop a sustainable private sector led sugar industry; strengthen the economic diversification, social resilience and environment sustainability of sugar dependent areas; and maintain progress towards macro-economic goals.
During this fiscal year, it is anticipated that a Sugar Transformation Unit (STU) will be developed; head and support staff of the STU will be employed; and an operational and procurement manual should be developed.
It is also expected that a Sugar Transformation Steering Committee will be formed; stakeholders meetings will be organised; a sugar transformation implementation plan will be prepared; draft financing proposals for phase 2 of the Jamaica Country Strategy (JCS) will be prepared; institutional arrangements in the industry are to be reviewed; and on-going policy and logistical support to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands will be provided.
In addition, it is anticipated that consultancy service contracts will be prepared, advertised and awarded; five key studies on the sugar industry will be conducted, including a study to access the feasibility of ethanol production.
The project is being funded by the Government and the European Union.

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