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PORT ANTONIO – The successful staging of the farmers' markets in St. Mary by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), continued with the staging of another such event at the Trinity Boxing Plant in Port Maria, on Friday, March 18.

The market, which began at 6:30 a.m., had the participation of 25 farmers from St. Mary and St. Ann, and facilitated the sale of over 16,000 pounds of agricultural produce.

This represented the fourth staging of the farmers’ market in St. Mary at the same venue. Another is scheduled to be staged at the same location on Friday, April 1.

Marketing Officer for RADA in St. Mary, Alfred Dunkley, told JIS News that the venture reflected the increasing level of success experienced at the previous markets.

He said over 800 patrons supported the initiative by making purchases of the various ground provisions on sale during the day, adding that carrots and Irish potatoes featured among the largest volume of  crops sold.

Mr. Dunkley expressed appreciation to the members of the St. Ann farming community, who took advantage of the opportunity to sell their produce at the market.

Commending the participating farmers for the support they have given to RADA in its effort to organise the farmers' markets, he said the co-operation they have been providing is a strong indication of their commitment to the development and advancement of the agricultural sector.

Several patrons told JIS News that they were appreciative of the introduction of the farmers’ market, and expressed the desire for RADA to make the regular staging of the event a permanent feature.




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