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KINGSTON — Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Hon. Dr. Kenneth Baugh, is encouraging students to take advantage of the educational opportunities presented to them from very early in life.

He said it through education and Jamaicans will be able to elevate their status and contribute to the development of the nation.

"If persons are well prepared, they have a place in this world. If they are not prepared, they don't have a place in the world; it is as simple as that. If you are at the bottom of the pyramid, the struggle is much harder. If you are educated and skilled and you get to the top of the pyramid, the struggle is much less and the remuneration is much better," Dr. Baugh argued.

He was speaking with JIS News last week at the official opening of the Richmond Park Preparatory School science laboratory at the institution's Queen's Avenue premises in Kingston.

The laboratory, which will enable the students to conduct scientific experiments, was set up through contribution from past students and school fundraising activities.

Dr. Baugh, who is a general surgeon, said it is important that children have access to labs to carry out supervised experiments, which can assist their learning.

"It is absolutely essential for labs to be in schools so that people can learn by doing practical things. I think young people learn better when they see things in action and they can observe and experiment on their own, it is the best way of learning," he told JIS News.

The Minister noted that schools across the island are "carrying out a lot of interesting scientific experiments," and  commended the organisers of local science fairs and their teachers for giving students an opportunity to excel in that area.

In her remarks, Principal of the school, Helen Douglas, said science and technology are of critical importance, hence the need for a scientific laboratory. She pointed out that science cannot be learnt effectively from a textbook.

Head boy at the institution, Kevon Bartley said the facility will enhance the school and the learning capabilities of the students as they will be better able to carry out experiments.    


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