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Trainer/Coordinator with the conflict resolution organization – Peace and Love in Society (PALS), Enid Frazer, is urging students to steer clear of situations which could be potentially violent.
Addressing the annual Kitson Town All Age school leaving ceremony at the institution in St. Catherine recently, Ms. Frazer told the youngsters that their teachers and parents had facilitated the opportunity for them to pursue higher education, and implored them to remain steadfast and not be distracted.
“Their commitment, dedication, and love for you have contributed to your success and placed you on a path where higher education is yours to achieve. They will continue to take keen interest in you as you chart your way to becoming valuable members of the society. But as you move on, you must shun violence, walk away whenever you are confronted. Exercise self control, stand up for discipline, and develop values that treat others in ways which promote peace, and result in building an orderly society,” Ms. Frazer stressed.
The PALS official added that the students were at a stage in their lives where they needed to take responsibility for the decisions they made, noting that, “a lot of challenges (and) associates are awaiting you. But choose right make sure that you set your goal(s) now.”
“When you are focused and have the encouragement from home, school, and those that you associate with, despite the challenges, your goal will be yours to gain. So, as you leave Kitson Town, join a club at your new school, make friends with other students who are motivated to make their parents and friends proud, and make Jamaica a country of high achievers,” Ms. Frazer appealed.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the school Board, Rev. Norva Rodney told the gathering that a three-week boys’ camp was currently being held at the Kitson Town Baptist Church, where efforts were being made by participating interests to re-orientate the youngsters attending in a series of positive and uplifting activities.
“It is a period of structured engagements, in collaboration with all stakeholders, where we are targeting boys who exhibit behavioural challenges, but who (display) great potential. We have a programme of activities and have the participation of reputable Jamaican men who are serving as mentors,” Rev. Rodney informed.
He said young boys in Kitson Town and neighbouring communities were being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity, and implored parents to avail themselves of the various fora organized by the church, to facilitate dialogue aimed at fostering community development.

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