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MANDEVILLE — Senior Advisor to the Minister of Education, Alphansus Davis, is urging students going on to secondary school, to work hard and shun defeatist thoughts and attitudes that will hinder their progress.

“To embark on a higher educational journey, some of the stuff you bring along with you is going to be a hindrance. Thoughts of failure, incompetence, fear and timidity, indiscipline, lack of respect for authority, joining the wrong company… to be successful on this journey you need to bring along perseverance and the willingness to work hard, because successful goal achievement rarely comes without those kinds of attitudes,” he stated.

Mr. Davis was addressing the transitional ceremony for grade six students of the Victoria Town Primary School in Manchester held on June 29 on the school grounds.

He advised the 18 students to never make excuses for their low performance or blame the schools that they are placed, but rather, use the start they have received at primary school as a springboard to excel. “Become a no excuse person, for far too often, we blame others for our failures,” he noted.

He said that along the way, they will need to identify their abilities, aptitudes and skills and set goals that are attainable. “Be realistic in the evaluation of your own gifts and abilities, God has given each of you a talent, know what your talent is and never try to be somebody else,” he advised.

Valedictorian, Reneca Honeyghan, in her address on behalf of the students, expressed gratitude to those who helped to prepare them for the next stage of their lives and pledged that they will work hard in their new schools.

“We owe our gratitude to all our teachers and our parents, guardians, and any other adult, who has helped us to reach this far in life. Today is just the first of many accomplishments that we will achieve. Wherever we go we will always carry the memory of Victoria Primary,” she stated.



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