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Rector of the St. Mark Church in Mandeville, Manchester, Reverend Barrington Soares has implored students to focus on achieving their goals.
“It is in three, four, five or maybe six years time that many of you will be facing the working world. What you need to do is focus on making certain that you will achieve your goals,” he said.
Rev. Soares was speaking at the 52nd anniversary service of Glenmuir High School, in Clarendon, held on September 14 at the school under the theme: ‘Advancing the vision, assessing the world’.
The Rector urged the young people not to waste their years at the school, but to use them to achieve their goals. Citing a comment made by one of the finalists in the Digicel Rising Stars competition during an interview session, Rev. Soares said he was pleased when he heard the contestant saying he will be returning to school to “finish off.”
“He doesn’t have to go back, maybe next week he will be the one with the (winner’s prize) of one million dollars. He has a contract to sing and he is going to have an occupation. But he seemed determined to educating himself, because in educating himself he can achieve his goals,” he said.
Rev. Soares told the students that during what he referred to as “his time,” the opportunities and the competition that existed were different. “For you to access this world today, you are required to achieve and to achieve is to set visions and goals,” he pointed out.
Bringing greetings, Past student of the school, Dr. Guyan Arscott, called on the students to jealousy guard the school’s rich tradition of “excellence and decency.”
“Glenmuir students must demonstrate to others that they strive for excellence and decency. Critical elements to your development include respect for each other, respect for your teachers and respect for others in your communities,” he said.
Attending the ceremony were past students of the school, members of the Board of Management and the Parent Teachers’ Association. Glenmuir was opened on
September 15, 1958 with 50 students. Today, more than 1,800 students attend the institution.

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