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Students from several high schools in St. Mary participated in a St. Mary Youth Council meeting, organised by the St. Mary Parish Council on Thursday, November 19.
The event, which was held as a part of activities to observe Local Government Month (November) in the parish, was convened as a mock version of the monthly meeting of the St. Mary Parish Council, allowing the students to sit as “councillors for the day.”
Thirteen students, the same number as the amount of parish council divisions in the parish, took part in the meeting with each representing one of the divisions.
Among the schools represented were St. Mary High, Marymount High, Islington High, Carron Hall High, Annotto Bay High, Guy’s Hill High and St. Mary Technical High.
Mario Thomas of St. Mary High School, who represented the Richmond Division, was elected Mayor for the day, while the Deputy Mayor’s post was given to Shantell Henry of Marymount High School. She represented the Port Maria Division.
Among the matters discussed by the students were issues relating to Local Government Reform, and ways in which the local government system can provide a more improved service to the people it serves.
The students also used the occasion to highlight issues in their communities requiring the attention of the St. Mary Parish Council. Each participant had the privilege of identifying projects in their division to be implemented from a fund of $500,000 provided for that purpose by the Department of Local Government.
The youth councillors also took the decision to spend $100,000 from that fund to finance the installation of an automatic gate for the Port Maria Infirmary.
Speaking to JIS News, Director of Administration for the St. Mary Parish Council, Miss Mrynel Grant, commended the students for the mature and exemplary manner in which they conducted themselves during the meeting.
She noted that the presentations and discussions were of a very high level and pointed out that the issues raised will be given the fullest consideration by the Council.
Expressing appreciation to the students for participating in the event, she said the event was one of several initiatives being implemented throughout the country, with the aim of preparing young Jamaicans for leadership and presenting them with the opportunity to express themselves on issues affecting the country.

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