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Some 80 students from Montego Bay and Kingston have been interviewed for lucrative scholarships ranging from US$25,000 to US$39,000 to take up places at high schools in America.
The interviews were conducted by admissions personnel from 35 private boarding schools in the United States (US) at the annual Versan Educational Services’ US high schools fair, held from November 8 to 9 at the Coyaba Hotel in St. James.
The event was targeted at students, who wished to complete their secondary education in the US. Executive Director of Versan Educational Services, Sandra Bramwell-Riley, told JIS News that US high schools were eager to accept Jamaica students, because of their excellence in academics and athletics.
“The schools involved in the programme for the past 10 years have often provided students with full scholarships or up to 92 per cent. This is truly a great way for a child age 10 to 17 to gain entry to a US private boarding school that cost a lot of money … the financial pressure is completely off the parents as they pay just the air plane ticket to the US,” she pointed out.
She noted that the schools provided all meals in addition to shared living spaces in the form of dorm rooms, with a housemother and a house family.
According to Mrs. Bramwell-Riley, “the beauty about this programme is that if a child has been given a scholarship from this level, it usually and almost always follows to college.”
She stressed that this was a very viable way to have one’s child in a rigorous academic programme with very strong athletic resources, and offered some nine to 15 foreign languages, including Greek and Latin.
Versan Educational Services holds education fairs across the Caribbean on an annual basis, but Jamaican students have won the most scholarships every year.

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