• JIS News

    Six students from St. James are beneficiaries of scholarships, valued at $271,000, granted by the St. James 4-H Advisory Council.
    The students, who are members of the 4-H movement in the parish, will be attending various high schools and tertiary institutions.
    Chairman of the St. James 4-H Advisory Council, Calvin Brown, told JIS News, that the Advisory Council’s scholarship programme began three years ago, but formally became a part of that Council’s training schedule last year, when the decision was taken to have an annual budgetary allocation of $500,000 for scholarships for needy clubbittes.
    He explained that the scholarship programme is financed through proceeds from the St. James 4-H annual food festival, ‘Nyamins and Jamins’.
    “Out of the proceeds of the Nyamins and Jamins fund-raising effort that we have been putting on for the past seven years, we had dedicated $500,000 last year, and we will be putting $500,000 each year towards the scholarship programme, to assist students who are members of the 4-H clubs in St. James,” he pointed out.
    “This year we have six scholarship recipients. Of the six one is a boy, Steve Turner, of Cornwall College. The others are Tricia McBean, Chinelle Campbell, and Vanessa Lewis of Montego Bay High School; Simone Muir of Herbert Morrison Technical High; and Monique Lawson of Cambridge High School,” he noted.
    He said that checks have revealed that recipients of scholarships, since the inception of the programme, are doing very well in school.
    Mr. Brown issued a plea for public support of the 2008 Nyamins and Jamins food festival, scheduled for October 20, at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex in Montego Bay.
    There are 107 registered 4-H clubs in St. James, with approximately 4,975 members.