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Two students of St. George’s College, 14 year-old Charles Frost and 13 year-old Jezeel Martin Williams were recently awarded the first Philip H. Wong scholarships for secondary and tertiary studies.
The two full scholarships were awarded by alumni member and South Florida businessman, Philip Wong, at the school during a recent visit to the institution.
Three other students also received scholarships for their tenure at the college. They are 13 year-old Rojae Powell and Aldin Crosdale and Tevin Williams, both 14 years-old.
The students were selected based primarily on needs and more importantly on their excellent academic grades, outstanding attendance record and involvement in extra curricular activities.
Congratulating the scholarship recipients, Director of Guidance at the institution, Ainsworth Walker encouraged them to continue performing at the highest level as they were a source of inspiration to their peers.
Both Charles and Jezeel were also presented with a lap top computer each, to help them in their daily studies.
Second former, Jezeel has expressed the desire to be involved in the island’s tourist industry as he aspires to a career in management.
A resident of August Town, young Jezeel has been tutoring his friends with their school work, emphasizing that “no matter where you come from, great things can come of you”.
An ardent sports fan, he likes to play badminton and football, while also having a keen interest in music and reading. Third former, Charles’ goal is to become a medical doctor or to serve his country as a politician. A resident of Allman Town, he indicated that he chose those professions in order to help those in less fortunate circumstances.
All recipients are expected to adhere to the requirements of the scholarships, which will cover vital resources and materials needed to assist their studies.
The scholarship will cover the cost of tuition, books, uniforms, lunch and other stationery as needed. The selection process was carried out through a committee from the school administration. Finally, the boys were interviewed by Mr. Wong and Dennis Barnett, President of the Florida Chapter of the Alumni Association, who accompanied Mr. Wong.
On hearing of the goals and aspirations of the young men, Mr. Wong also met with the families of the five scholarship recipients. Sharing his upbringing with them, he expressed gratitude to his alma mater and for family support for a solid foundation, which even allowed him the opportunity to continue through college.
Mr. Wong indicated that this donation was a pilot project that he intended to review next year, with the aim of making it an annual effort.

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