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More than 200 students from South West St. Catherine have received tablets and laptop computers through a drive spearheaded by Member of Parliament, Hon. Everald Warmington, with support from three business entities in the area.

Mr. Warmington donated 100 tablets and 40 laptops to the students, while the remainder were contributed by Surdeen Equipment and Trucking, Old Harbour Radiology Centre, and Stratford Consulting Services.

“It is a very trying time for a lot of parents who are unable to provide these equipment to the students to be able to study virtually. Because of that, the constituency provided the first 100 tablets, and 40 laptops,” Mr. Warmington said, while addressing the presentation ceremony, held at his office in Old Harbour, on December 3.

He said the constituency is “grateful” to the “very good corporate citizens” who responded to his request to help the students, and urged the beneficiaries to appreciate the kind gesture, and make the best use of the computers.

For her part, Chairman of Old Harbour High School, Icylin Golding, said the Member of Parliament saw the need of the students and because he “believes in the educational development of every child, he reached out to them.”

“When a kindness like this is extended to you, use it wisely,” Ms. Golding told the students.

Student at St. Catherine High School, Barrington Pryce, told JIS News that he is very grateful for the laptop, because “it will definitely aid me in the learning process.”

He said that for the students, “this is their ticket, so they have to take care of it, and it will take care of them educationally.”

Old Harbour High School student, Whitney Cameron, shared that she has selected a computer science subject, and the device has come at the right time.

“This laptop will be a great help for me, so I really thank Mr. Warmington, and the other donors,” she said.

Meanwhile, representative of Surdeen Equipment and Trucking, Denise Lewis, said “we got on board because partnering with the community to give back to the needy students during this time of crisis, is a very important adventure.”

She encouraged the students to use the devices wisely to improve their education.

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