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Hundreds of students from schools in St. James yesterday (March 8) participated in the St. James 4-H Clubs’ annual achievement day activities, held at the Howard Cooke Primary School in Montego Bay.The event was held under the theme: ‘Creating wealth through youth development’.
Featured were attractive displays mounted by school and community clubs and the judging of competitions in skirt making, agro-processing, plant budding and grafting, solid waste management (trash to cash), meal preparation, cake baking and table setting. The best project work display banner was also selected.Winners in the various categories received attractive prizes, such as gift packages, certificates and trophies.
Adrian Johnson of Maldon High School and Keneisha Peterkin of Buckingham All-age were named ‘4-H boy and girl of the year’, respectively, while Anchovy Primary walked away with the award for ‘model school garden’.
The Sudbury Baptist Church 4-H Club was awarded the top prize for ‘most outstanding display’ in the community clubs category.
Manager of Western Publishers, Lloyd B. Smith, who was the guest speaker at the function, commended the 4-H movement for continuing to ensure that young Jamaicans were fully equipped to face the world of work.
He urged the young people to use the skills learnt to start their own businesses.
“It is never too early to start and I would love to see in the same way that the 4-H movement has an achievement day, that at some time during the year, the movement has a business day, where clubbites are brought in and are exposed to how to start and run a business and how to become involved in being an entrepreneur, because I think that is where the future of Jamaica lies”, Mr. Smith stated.

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