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Students at the Bamboo Primary and Junior High School in St. Ann are expected to display increased discipline, as the Board of Directors at the school has carried out a plan of action that should bring about positive outcomes in increasing the level of discipline at the school.To this end, a weekend camp was held for the senior male students of Bamboo Primary and Junior High at the Carl Rattary Training College in Runaway Bay, from Friday, August 26 to Sunday, August 28.
“With the current level of indiscipline along with the crime and violence in our society, we thought it befitting to have this weekend camp for the senior boys at the school,” Board member, Ernest Higgins, told JIS News. “The reason for this is because we feel that if we can influence these upper school boys in a positive way then they in turn can be role models for the younger boys,” he added.
He informed that the activities for the weekend included a series of discussions on topics such as youth and the law, conflict resolution, self esteem, decision-making skills and sexuality. In addition, representatives from the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the St. Ann Resident Magistrates Court, made a number of presentations.
“The boys were also engaged in a bit of home economics in that they were given the opportunity to prepare and serve their own meals and we included this in the plan of activities because we want the boys to understand that they too can assist in the day to day activities that take place in the home,” he said.
Other activities, Mr. Higgins said, included a talent show, field games and a trip to the beach where the boys showed off their swimming and diving skills.
Meanwhile, teacher at the institution, Trevor McKenzie added that the weekend camp, as a means of reaching out to the boys, was endorsed by almost every teacher at the school, as they saw it as a way to get the boys to become more responsible and set a standard for the other students.
“It is often said that boys are under achievers but we want our boys to shine and we really hope that they have grasped some positives from the camp so that they will be able to share the knowledge with the other students when they return to school in September,” he said.
He appealed to parents to support the institution in their plans to enhance the level of discipline in the school, as it was for the benefit of their children in striving to become productive citizens of the society.