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Over 3,000 students and teachers from schools in St. Ann took part in a sensitization programme, organized by the parish’s Office of Disaster Preparedness (ODP) to mark Earthquake Awareness Week (January 11-17).
Parish Co-ordinator, Alvin Clarke, said the main objective of the awareness programme was to provide the schools with information on the threats of earthquakes, how to prevent injury and loss of life during an earthquake, and how to be prepared in the event of the disaster.
Mr. Clarke said although the students from St. Ann’s Bay Primary, as well as Cascade, Mt. Moriah and Bohemia All-Age Schools responded well and participated in the various activities, he was really impressed by the level of response and participation from the St. Christopher School for the Deaf in Brown’s Town.
“Those children surprised me because they are small but the response in sign language was good. They watched the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) film on earthquakes; we did a drill with a selected group, and you can see that they are well learnt,” the Parish Co-ordinator said.
Mr. Clarke said his aim was to do some follow-up exercises with other disaster tips at the institutions, as well as make plans for similar presentations on earthquakes and other disasters in other schools in the parish.

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