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    Students of Campbell’s Castle All-age in Manchester benefited from water conservation tips at a World Water Day event held at the school on Monday (March 23).
    The event, organised by alumina refinery company, Jamalco included presentations on the significance of World Water Day, and facts about water and water-related projects supported by the company; and a mini-quiz, with winners receiving bottles of ‘WATA’ and mugs bearing the Jamalco logo.
    Environment, Health and Safety Officer at Jamalco, Kenroy Anson, in his presentation, noted that water is a valuable resource and encouraged the students to conserve on its use. “We must ensure that we use water in a sustainable manner so that generations to come will have water,” he stated.
    He informed that the company uses large amounts of water in its mining operations, and the resource is recycled and reused on site. “The discharge of waste water from the facility to the environment is prohibited,” he told the students.
    Principal of Campbell’s Castle All-age, Owen Lambert, commended Jamalco for staging the event at the school, noting that it was beneficial in educating the students about water conservation.
    Deandrew Moore, a 10-year student, said that the day’s session was “wonderful and educating because it teaches how to conserve water. It also tells us water tips and facts to prepare us for tests and for the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT),” he stated.
    Another student, Tamara Harris, said she learnt that “water is life, you can’t do anything without it, and that Jamalco doesn’t waste water, and so we shouldn’t.”
    World Water Day was observed on March 22 under the theme: ‘Trans-boundary Water’, to draw attention to the political importance of integrated water management and the political commitments, particularly among countries that share water resources.
    The international observance of World Water Day is an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.
    Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang, in his message for World Water Day, said that the availability of safe and reliable water supply plays a significant role in the ability of people to care for their families and earn a living. “Adequate and proactive water resources management is essential for a country’s growth and the reduction of poverty. In effect, water drives development,” he stated.
    He urged all Jamaicans to help protect the watersheds and to plant a tree to reduce runoff, increase infiltration and conserve the soil.
    “Avoid dumping garbage and other forms of waste into our rivers and streams. Conserve water by turning off taps when brushing teeth and soaping in the shower. Repair leaks as they occur and reuse wastewater from laundry and bathrooms where possible,” he advised.

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