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Painting St. Anne’s High School in West Kingston, school invasions and a games day at Alpha Boys’ Home, are among activities planned for Students For Transformation (SFT) Week, scheduled to begin on October 3.
The activities will be spearheaded by members of the SFT, under the theme, “True Transformation begins with You and Me.” SFT is the youth arm of the National Transformation Programme (NTP), branded Fresh Start Jamaica.
Speaking at a JIS Think Tank Tuesday (September 21), Secretary of the SFT, Kristin Grenyion, said that the painting of St. Anne’s High School was one way of transforming the facility.
She noted that “transformation does not only begin from within, but on the surface.” Additionally, she said that the Home Economics Department and a class room at the school have also been painted.

Director of Development, Planning and Monitoring of the National Transformation Programme (NTP), Fabian Brown speaking at a JIS Think Tank Tuesday (September 21) at the Agency’s Head Office in Kingston.

“We plan to continue going to St. Anne’s, and this will be a part of our SFT activities that we are planning to have,” she added.
According to Miss Grenyion, the student invasion project, expected to take place at several schools in Kingston, is being held to sensitize young persons to the SFT. Additionally, she said the electronic media will be encouraged to air positive songs on a particular day during SFT Week.
“We currently have a media challenge, where we have compiled a list of transformational and positive songs that our SFT members have requested to be aired on TV and radio on a day,” she said.
Director of Development, Planning and Monitoring at the NTP, Fabian Brown, said that the partnership with business entities was crucial for the success of the SFT initiatives. He stated that the transformation process, through the NTP, is a partnership between the Government, the private sector, Church and Civil Society.
“It is that partnership that has allowed us to do as much as we have done so far, in terms of the sensitization, in terms of the initiatives at Alpha Boys’ Home, going to do tree planting, going to do the painting project at St Anne’s and now being in Riverton and moving into both uptown and downtown schools,” he said.
He also commended private sector entities for their contribution to the SFT projects.

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