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Students at Pratville Primary and Infant School commemorated Earth Day on Wednesday (April 22), during which they recalled the importance of protecting the environment.
The day’s activities were sponsored by Jamalco, which provided the students with tips on reasons for the celebration.
Jamalco’s geologist, Damian Williams, informed them that Earth Day draws attention to environmental issues, and pointed out that Jamalco was setting examples in environmental protection.
“As a company, the waste that is generated from our operation is protected and managed in order to protect the environment around us,” he explained.
The school’s head girl, Latoya Powell, admitted that they learnt from the tips given by the speakers.
“We now have a better understanding on how to take care of it (the environment),” she said.
The Principal, Valda Buckle, said that the presentations were comprehensive, and that the students benefitted as was evident from the feedback from them.
Earth Day was commemorated on April 22. Jamalco sponsored the event as part of its In School Programmes staged in areas in which the company operates from.

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