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Hundreds of students in St. Ann benefited from the ninth Heritage exhibition, which was held at the Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann’s Bay, yesterday (October 13).
Joan Seagears, Manager of the Seville Heritage Park told JIS News that the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) is focused on Heritage education, both in the schools and in the wider community.
“We know that as an organization, if we do not educate our Jamaican people, starting with our students, we won’t have what to inspire foreigners to come and enjoy our heritage in this country,” she said.
She further noted that the young people needed to understand the importance of ancestry, whether African, Taino, British or Spanish, because gaining such knowledge would enable them to be better aware of their roots.
Mrs. Seagears said that the day’s activities included archaeological digs, tours, lectures, cultural performances from Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) gold medal groups, and the laying of wreaths in honour of the National Heroes.
“We are trying to encourage students on a whole to get involved in the research aspect of our culture,” she explained.
She encouraged the young people and adults to be culturally aware, and to respect their culture.
“If you are a student, your knowledge should be widened, and if you are an adult, you should be re-energized through the heritage of your country,”Mrs. Seagears added.

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