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Some 56 students from 28 Primary and All-age schools in Manchester and St. Elizabeth, are the recipients of awards by Region Five of the Ministry of Education, for exemplary literacy skills.
At the ceremony, which was held at the Mandeville Baptist Church on September 23, Literacy Specialist with the Ministry of Education, Millicent Bernard-James, said literacy is one of greatest keys in human development.
“Literacy is a human right, a tool of empowerment, and a means of social and human development. Educational opportunities depend on literacy, and are at the heart of basic education for all,” she said.
“It is essential for reducing poverty, achieving gender equality, and ensuring sustainable development, peace, and democracy,” Mrs. Bernard-James pointed out.
Lauding organisers of the event, National Literacy Co-ordinator, Laurel Brent-Harris, stressed the importance of family and community support for the education of children.
“It has been shown that students who have family and community support, are likely to do better in school than those who do not have that kind of support. So we believe that literacy begins in the home. We are happy for what the schools have done, but the home is an integral part of our children’s educational development,” Mrs. Brent-Harris said.
Over the past year, the selected schools have seen a seven per cent improvement in literacy, with 10 of them achieving more than 20 per cent.