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Peace Day was observed by teachers, students and parents at the New Hope Primary and Junior High School in Whitehouse, Westmoreland, with a march from the school grounds to Seaview Lawn, a community entertainment complex located in the centre of the town of Whitehouse.
This was followed by a concert hosted by the students at the location. The activities were held under the theme: ‘No Violence. One Love’.
Principal of the school, Franklyn Beckford, told JIS News that the administrators of the institution decided not to confine the Peace Day activities to the school compound, but instead to get the whole community of Whitehouse involved.
“We want to encourage our students to practise peace and love in school, and also in the wider Jamaican society. We have minimal violence in our school, but the wider community experiences violence, and the children are from the wider community, so we have to continue to reinforce the importance of showing peace and love to our students, and reduce the possibility of fights,” he explained.
Led by the school’s marching band, more than 900 students along with teachers and parents took part in the march.
Inspector of Police, Reverend Hervin Stenneth of Area One, who addressed the gathering at Seaview Lawn, encouraged all Jamaicans to show respect and brotherly love for each other at all times.
Describing acts of violence as a monster within the society, the Police Inspector emphasized that “bad cannot triumph over good”. He called for a spiritual fight against evil deeds taking place in the society.
He challenged those in attendance to be resolute against violence, adding that they have a God given right to do what is right, and make a positive contribution towards nation building.
Following the concert, 20 students from the school were presented with ‘Peace Maker’ certificates for their efforts at promoting peace within the institution.

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