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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education (CHASE) Fund, W. Billy Heaven, has emphasized the importance of positive thinking and confidence in oneself to achieve goals.
“It is the mental boundaries that we box ourselves into which limit our progress, but once we think and once we believe that we can achieve excellence it will happen,” he said while giving the keynote address at the Irwin High School Valedictory Service, being held at the St. Paul’s United Church, in Montego Bay, on Thursday (July 3).
Speaking specifically to the graduating class of approximately 143 students, Mr. Heaven noted that the valedictory service signified that they had been courageous enough to weather trying times and challenging moments.
“But as you go out into the real world, a world that has changed significantly and rapidly over a relatively short period of time; a world that will continue to change in ways that we can hardly now imagine; as you go out into the unknown, I challenge you to strive for excellence at all times and as your graduation theme says, never yield,” he told the students.
The CEO further challenged the group to be part of the process towards building a better Jamaica by becoming part of a new social order that will help to reduce crime and violence, poverty, and other social problems.
He went on to make a call for unity as a people, while striving for excellence, in order to be able to compete in the global environment. “I put it to you that unless you were born into ascribed wealth, education is your only hope and it is not too late to get it, because this graduation is nothing more than a stepping stone,” he stated.

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