JIS News

A special feature of celebrations in Manchester to mark this year’s independence, will be street dances focusing on traditional folk forms.
The activities will begin with an Emancipation/Independence church service on July 27 at the St. Barnabas Anglican Church in Mile Gully, followed by the Emancipation Vigil on July 31 at the Mandeville Park. The street dances commence on August 2.
Organizer with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), Pamela Pinto told JIS News that the events would be exciting and cultural, and would reflect the rich history of the country.
“We will be having cultural groups from all over the parish; they will be performing folk songs in their costumes, and showing that despite being a young nation, we have a lot to celebrate. This year we are taking the street dances to the deep rural parts of the parish to give people in those communities a chance to celebrate for their country without having to travel to a town,” Mrs. Pinto informed.
Meanwhile, Homer Brodie, Chairman of the Manchester branch of the JCDC, said the various events would serve as a period of reflection and entertainment.
“This is our history that we are celebrating and we do hope that people will support the events. Over the years we have put on top class functions to mark this period and this year won’t be any different,” he said.
“The Augus’ Mawning fair that will be held at Nazareth Primary School promises to be an event to be remembered. We will have festival performers and booths displaying a lot of what we are proud of as a country and much more,” Mr. Brodie added.