Strategic Planning needed for Agro-Industry – Clarke

Minister of Agriculture and Lands, Hon. Roger Clarke has stressed that proper strategic planning in the agro-industry “is absolutely essential”, given the kind of competition that Jamaica has to face in the global marketplace.
Speaking recently at the 30th Annual Christiana Potato Growers Association general meeting, Minister Clarke noted that this approach, coupled with the use of relevant technology, such as the greenhouse model being employed by the co-operative in Devon, would help to level the playing field.
“This sort of planning is important if our industry is to thrive and flourish. In this regard, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of continuous training, learning, initiatives and innovations and the transfer of knowledge and experience,” the Minister emphasized.
Mr. Clarke said that at the policy level, he would be urging greater collaboration between the various stakeholders in agriculture.
“The sky is the limit as we have such a wide range of things to grow using the greenhouse model, which is not limited to the growing of just potato, pepper or tomato,” he said.
Minister Clarke pointed out that over the years, the Christiana Co-operative had made significant strides in helping to strengthen the local farming sector.
“From our end, I must say that we have had a very good partnership, for example, our Rural Physical Planning Department has had some input as it relates to soil sampling and testing as well as training in the proper use of fertilizers. We have helped to refurbish the administrative offices as well as set up a modern tissue culture lab,” he said.

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