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The Commission of Strata Corporations (CSC) is urging strata properties to implement stronger safety measures at entry points as a means of protecting proprietors and visitors from contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19).

“Since the resumption of inspections by the CSC, our inspectors are reporting that security personnel or persons at access points are not wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks in some cases. In some instances, they have not been applying any kind of sanitising agent to visitors or doing any temperature checks,” Chief Executive Officer of the CSC, Sandra Garrick, told JIS News.

Mrs. Garrick said that since the local outbreak of COVID-19, the CSC created COVID-19 operational guidelines for strata corporations, which outlines a list of measures to protect unit owners and visitors.

“We want our corporations to remain guarded and adhere to the COVID-19 operational guidelines. It would indeed be a tragedy if we were to undo the gains we made in containing the spread, should we revert to business as usual, prematurely,” she added.

Among the suggestions stated in the guidelines is “where the property has a designated person at access points, those persons should administer the necessary cleaning agents to visitors and proprietors upon entry”.

The operational guidelines also speak to the mandatory wearing of face masks, social distancing and observance of curfew hours as stipulated by the Government.

“We cannot become complacent. This is even more so with the reopening of facilities, and especially the reopening of the country to international travel,” Mrs. Garrick said.

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