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Farmers in the community of Bamboo, St. Ann, are beaming with delight, as a new establishment, Betta Grow Farm Supplies, has been opened to serve them, and to help with the development of the area.
Owners of the Store, Richard and Sheryl Orret, told JIS News that their aim is to bring quality service to the farmers in Bamboo.
“I started out not really knowing anything much about farming, but as time went by, I read labels, asked questions, had dialogue with farmers and getting good response, I decided to register the business and come up with a name that I thought would be most befitting,” Sheryl Orret said.
She explained that they try to meet the needs of the farmers in the area, by sourcing whatever farm supplies are demanded.
“We go all out for the farmers and anything they need, they can get it at Betta Grow,” she said, informing that they had the imported fertilisers in stock and farmers could come and purchase them at a very low cost.
“The 11-22-22 grade of fertiliser is going at a cost of $1,570 per bag and the 14-28-28 is going at a cost of $1,590 per bag,” Mrs. Orret said.
She pointed out that they would be working closely with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), in the parish, so they could inform farmers how they could improve production in the area.
Meanwhile, Barry, a farmer in the area, told JIS News that he was happy for the Betta Grow farm store.
“This farm store in Bamboo is a good move and I commend Mr. and Mrs. Orret on this move. Apart from farming in the field, I am a pig farmer, and this store is so convenient that sometimes when I run short on feed for the pigs, I can just run to the store and return in a short space of time, so that the pigs can get the feed,” he said, pointing out that if the store was not around, he would have to travel to either St. Ann’s Bay or Brown’s Town to purchase the pig feed or whatever else he needed to use on his farm.
Another farmer, Leslie Hutchinson, told JIS News that the store is like a dream come true.
“We needed this a long time. It is all good for the farmers and I respect the Orrets for what they have done. I used to have to go to Claremont, but now I don’t have to pay taxi fare to go anywhere to get what I want, because Betta Grow Farm Store is right here,” he said.

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