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Assistant Education Officer in the Ministry of Education, Mary Nichols, has appealed to young people to “stop and think” before they decide to become parents.
“I’m really encouraging young people, who are sexually active, to stop and think about the act before you become a parent, because it is much more than the act. It is actually a life and you are responsible, in totality, for the life of that child that you bring into the world,” Mrs. Nichols said in a recent interview with JIS News.
She was speaking against the background of the celebration of Parent Month in November under the theme: ‘Parenting. Right from the Start.’
Noting that persons are not being prepared to become parents, Mrs. Nichols said: “probably we have to start looking at bringing a parenting curriculum into the schools. We will probably get there but at this point in time, parenting right from the start simply means that we ought to stop and think before we become a parent.this is a lifetime commitment. It doesn’t end at 18, so think about it.”
She also appealed to parents to seek help when necessary. “Parents, a lot of us are willing to help you because we have been there. It wasn’t easy for us but we will help you, just ask. Experience is the teacher for a parent, and I want parents to also remember and never to forget that we are actually our children’s most important teachers,” Mrs. Nichols stated.

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